Isnin, 14 Jun 2010

From 'The Tin Mines' to 'The Rays of sun'/ Dari 'Lombong Bijih' ke 'Sinar Suria': Karya-Karya Pilihan daripada koleksi Seni Halus USM, Zakaria Ali.

We are pleased to present to you our latest publication.

We would be pleased if you could help promote this new publication among your colleagues and students. This book is currently on sale at RM189.00 per copy (excluding postal charges), at USM Press and Koperasi Kedai Buku USM.

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From ' The Tin Mines' to ' The Rays of Sun' features 74 pieces of visual art from USM Fine Art Collection. These selected works are part of a significant knowledge repository within the context of visual art history in Malaysia. Readers are invited to appreciate the reflections of form and soul by both the local and international artists in this collection. These artists have been persistent in documenting material expression and spritual journey of humans, society and their environment for us to contemplate.