Selasa, 31 Ogos 2010

"Sparkles In Penang"

Contemporary Art Tourism Trail in Penang

The Penang chapter of 1Malaysia Contemporary Art Tourism (MCAT), “Sparkles In Penang” (SIP) features thirteen offerings of contemporary art exhibitions in ten different venues throughout September 2010. These venues have been known as amongst the prime movers of contemporary art exhibitions and activities in Penang. The biggest offering is called “Contemporary Art Campus”, a major exposition of Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) Fine Art Collection at several locations in the USM main campus. Other major exhibitions include Penang International Print Exhibition (PIPE) at the Penang State Art Gallery and several other locations in USM and Georgetown.

SIP is also complimented by public programmes such as artists talk, exhibition tour and workshop to engage various sections of the public and community with contemporary art. A seminar entitled “Penang as a sustainable international hub for contemporary art tourism” is scheduled to take place at the Eastin Hotel in conjunction with SIP and the MCAT campaign in Penang.

As a historical state known for its rich variety of cross-cultural heritage, Penang has also been known for her own unique flavour of art scene. Other than the conventional forms of fine art practices, sparks of new, innovative, fresh and exciting approaches have also been witnessed in many parts of Penang for the past ten years. These sparks have been mostly instigated by the younger generation of more experimental contemporary artists with support of local institutions, NGOs and special-interest groups. They provide sparks that will hopefully turn Penang into an exciting international hub for contemporary art tourism in this region.

So, come and visit Penang. While you are in Penang during the month of September, don’t forget ‘to take a ‘SIP’’!

“SIP” is jointly organised by the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia, Tourism Malaysia Penang, Muzium & Galeri Tuanku Fauziah and the School of the Arts USM. It is supported by nine major galleries in Penang.