Isnin, 14 Mac 2011

River Meets Light Workshop

MGTF is currently a research/feeder and support team for River Art Project, meant to instill public awareness of the conditions of Sungai Penang. For those 'who cares' and close to us at MGTF, please drop used plastic bottles to our recycle bins at MGTF. We need them for our research, side programmes and production. For more info, check out fb sites of 'River Art Project' and 'River Art Project Research Team'.

USMcares (Contemporary and creative ARts Embrace Sustainability)...supports the 'River Art project' and will have its own exposition coming this July and September 2011. Those in the creative arts 'who care' and embrace the idea of sustainability through the lucid field of trans-disciplinary engagements (or simply - meetings of the minds) are welcomed to join. Contact MGTF USM for further info.

For more information
please go to, search: River Art Project Research Team

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