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THE LATEST UPDATE- The Opening Reception of "JAPAN: KINGDOM OF CHARACTERS" is on 13 Jan 2012, 5.00pm at MGTF, USM Penang

What: An Art Exhibition

"JAPAN: Kingdom of Characters"
9 Jan - 4 Feb 2012

Opening Reception by: Ms. Hiroko Taniguchi, Deputy Consul-General, Consulate-General of Japan, Penang
on Friday, 13 Jan 2012, 5.00pm at Muzium & Galeri Tuanku Fauziah (MGTF), USM
Organizers & Partner: MGTF, The Japan Foundation Kuala Lumpur & Consulate-General of Japan, Penang

All are invited!! Admission is free
(Tun/ Tan Sri & Puan Sri/ Dato' Sri/ Dato' & Datin/ Mr. & Mrs./ Ms/ Students/ Members of the media/ All are invited to the exhibition opening)

In recent years, a subculture related to Japanese anime and manga has rapidly attracted worldwide attention. To make the most of this trend, the Japan Foundation has organized this traveling exhibition called “Japan: Kingdom of Characters” which examines characters as one radical aspect of this subculture.

Used unhesitatingly by both adults and children in private and public spaces, before we realize it, these characters have become a part of our daily landscape. One finds, for example, characters printed on bank passbooks and train commutation passes, and as indicated by the regular and seemingly natural presence of stuffed mascots at local police boxes, they have permeated everyday life in Japan to a degree that would be unthinkable in most other countries.

What exactly a character? Why are they so popular? What kind of society do these characters reflect and what kind of influence do they exert on that society? And finally, where is Japanese character culture headed? In this exhibition, as we introduce the intimate relationship between characters and Japanese people, we hope that the visitors will gain a better understanding of the cultural and historical background behind the Japanese love of characters as well as the future of characters in contemporary Japan.

For more info & press inquiries about the exhibition, please contact 03-22846228 (The Japan Foundation Kuala Lumpur), email:

> For general information, contact Muzium & Galeri Tuanku Fauziah, USM
Tel: +604-6533888 ext: 3261/2137/4789/4788/4787/4786/3294
Fax: +604-6563531 / +604-6535060
E-mail: / / /

-- PG 13 **Some materials may be deemed inappropriate to local culture. For children visitors, parental/teacher’s guidance is strongly advise**

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