Khamis, 14 Februari 2013

Our Next Exhibition!

(22 FEB - 22 MARCH 2013) at Muzium & Galeri Tuanku fauziah, Universiti Sains Malaysia..

Opening Ceremony on 22 Februari 2013 (Friday), 3.30pm 

ADMISSION IS FREE(only for the opening reception day on 22 Feb 2013) 

ALL are invited to the opening reception)


The International Korean Society of Design Trend 2012 Exhibition is a biennial event sponsored by the same institution. The main intention of the Exhibition is to promote the grass – roots sense of creative cultural identity from among the asian countries. Exchange of thoughts and ideas among the participants from varied backgrounds is hoped to generate a healthty collective input towards more innovative and creative of creative design. The Exhibition was first held in South Korea venued at the Korea Design Center in 2010.

In the effort towards making this even global, the sponsors had decided that the show be held outside of Korea. The faculty of ARTS and Design was given the honor of exhibiting this show which will be represented by 160 designers from the various Asian countries such as Saudi Arabia, China, Japan, Hong Kong , India and South Korea. Art designers from several European Countries will also participate by invitation. Countries such as the United Kingdom, France+ germany along with the United States.

It is projectied that at least II International Korean artists will be present on the oppening day which will be held at the MGTF – USM. MGTF will assist School of The Arts to ensure that the exhibition is well organized and presented.

It is imperative that all arts faculty members as well as students be made aware of this event as not only will it benefit them but will also promote a strong image of dedication by appearance alone if not in participation ‘Carpe Diem!’ seize the moment. The opportunities by your participations in making this global events a success, future events may be made possible.

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