Rabu, 12 Mac 2014


9.00AM to 6.00PM

Exhibition Synopsis:

Three designers from penang with huge difference in style collaborated together to present the "paradox" between them. Three contrasting forces are combined together into one, hence the title Paradox.

Cheong Jia Ee. Final Year students from KDU college (Diploma in Creative Media Design). Enjoy seeing beautiful things and creation. Has huge interest in design and photography and dreamed to work for magazine company as she love to see advertisement and image from magazines and also having the habits to collect look book and magazines.

The subject of her work is 2014 Penang, which is a series graphic work with the assist of photography featuring the aspects of Penang. It will be 34 works in total (A5 size with frames each), 20 of the works will be related to the amazingness in Penang and 14 of the others is about the other side of Penang and all works is researched based on the culture and habits of Penang. The purpose of creating this series of work is to express her experience of living in Penang but also based on the results of survey .Jia Ee hopes that her work will inspire citizens in Penang for appreciating their beautiful cities and making improvements to make Penang a better city. This is also an opportunity for her to challenge myself in conveying message into image through skills and lessons learned.

Neoh Chin Heng. A designer from KDU Penang, still fresh in the industry. He is very excited about his designer journey in the future as what he always dreamed of. He also has great passion in doing digital illustration and comic.

His exhibition is an expression of how this country’s political cultures and occurrences are and of course expressed through parody with comic. As a Malaysian citizen, it is important to care about our country’s development through every media possible. The media Neoh have chosen is digital comic.

Comics are a part of our daily life because we human need entertainment to relieve stress. Neoh’s idea is to use comic as a media visualised the parody of daily issues and poilitics because he felt that these are the little parts that made our country interesting. He would make a few comics to depict how silly Malaysia is sometimes. It is view through his own perspective with hilarious depiction because…why so serious?

Aliffira Rezza, a design student in KDU University College Penang and a part-time musician.He learned how to play the bass by himself and loves working with digital arts .He produce his own 8-bits song as well. He use pixel art to create various digital illustrations ranging from portraits to photo manipulation. His work has been featured in various pixel art community on DeviantArt and it8bit.com

Many people don’t seem to see the potential of pixel art being used more than in video games. Hopefully with this exhibition, it will shed light on the public about the beauty of pixel art. Spreading pixel art has always been his objective and has led Reeza to form PIX3L_NATION, a group dedicated to this idea. With PARADOX, he also wished to gain more followers and members for the group. PARADOX will not only feature his artworks but also showcases his take on chip music over the years in the form of digital distributions. In addition, Reeza would also like to hold a pixel art workshop during the exhibition.

The exhibition will be centered on his new and current approach in pixel art which is photo manipulation. These new pieces will be accompanied by some of his best works between 2012 and 2013. In total, Reeza will showcase 25 of his artworks (in 12 x 12” canvas prints) over the course of two years. Most of this artwork will be available for sale in the form of prints.

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